Success Stories

We hope you enjoy and are encouraged by the success stories of many of our OSPT patients. Read about our patients success with post surgical therapy, sports therapy and conditioning and other physical therapy treatment at Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy.

Robin & Guy have worked diligently on my BALANCE with many routines supporting various exercises strengthening footwork, posture, controlling steady movement side to side and front to back. Both therapists are very supportive putting me through multiple and varied exercises contributing to my balance work and improvement progress.

~ Will G.

Excellent Staff and a good front desk provided a very positive experience. Unlike many other Physical Therapy groups around Santa Rosa, they answer the phone!  I could barely walk after knee surgery.  The therapy that was provided to me by Sarina and Guy was perfect for my condition, and got me back to normal much quicker than I would have expected.  I have been to a number of physical therapy groups in the past, and this is, by far, the best.

~ John K

Since having physical therapy at O.S.P.T. I can do my job without thinking about shoulder pain. I can take walks without cramping in my neck. I feel that my stretching and range of motion is improving. Thank you O.S.P.T.!

~ A.C. (Santa Rosa)

I can now use my mouse without pain and work the throttle while flying! Nice work from everyone at O.S.P.T.!

~ M.L. (Santa Rosa)

Since going to physical therapy, I have much greater range of motion in my neck and shoulders. I am much more aware of my movements and how to use my mid-thoracic. I feel like I know have a good maintenance program to continue towards good health! My therapist is a great therapist and teacher. Thank you!

~ J.I. (Santa Rosa)

I can now ascend and descend inclines without pain. I can also climb stairs and steps painless. I can bend and kneel on my knee without pain. I attribute all of this with my therapist at O.S.P.T. with his patience, professionalism and confidence building. Thank you!

~ C.W. (Santa Rosa)

With physical therapy I am able to put away my groceries, even overhead without pain. I can wash dishes, do laundry and take showers without pain. I also can give someone a firm handshake!

~ D.S. (Santa Rosa)

I am able to lift and use my arm with most regular activities. I am also able to sleep on my left side with very little discomfort or pain.

~ R.A. (Santa Rosa)

With physical therapy I am able to sit for a long period of time without pain. I have been able to reduce the amount of pain medicine I take. I have had excellent therapy at O.S.P.T.!

~ R.H. (Santa Rosa)

I am so pleased with the progress I’ve made-thanks to the great help from O.S.P.T. and staff!

~ A.S. (Santa Rosa)

Since starting Physical therapy at O.S.P.T., I no longer have pain in my hip. I can get in and out of bed easier and without pain. My therapist is very creative in finding exercises to fit my needs. She listens very well and shows ability to understand the challenges I am facing. She is very encouraging and really cares.

~ G.S. (Santa Rosa)

My therapist at O.S.P.T. is excellent. He knows how to reduce the pain and discomfort. He always educates his patients with preventive exercises. I can now sleep without pain and go hiking again!

~ K.M. (Santa Rosa)

Physical therapy has improved my drop foot. I am more flexible and I can now play 9 holes of golf! My therapist at O.S.P.T. is outstanding and very professional.

~ A.M. (Santa Rosa)

After my surgery I was using a walker to get around the house. Now I can go for walks, climb stairs and do exercises. I have regained strength, muscle and self-confidence. The staff at O.S. P.T. is very professional and I knew when I walked through the door every week that I was going to get a good workout. Thank you Guy Mohr!

~ M.M. (Santa Rosa)